It was a pleasure to be asked to contribute to Designing Ireland, a landmark four-part series screened by RTE that takes viewers to the heart of Irish design: from beautifully crafted furniture to award-winning buildings to cutting-edge product design.

The series commissioned to mark the Year of Irish Design 2015, sees award-winning architect Angela Brady OBE and respected design writer Dr Sandra O’Connell celebrate the very best of Irish design and meet the Irish designers, makers and architects whose work is creating waves locally, nationally and internationally. As the bespoke, the unique, the local make a welcome return worldwide, the series looks at the story of Irish design: the traditions, landscape, materials and culture from which Ireland’s designers and makers get their inspiration – and how a new generation of makers and designers is garnering a reputation for Ireland as a hub of international design excellence.

As well as celebrating the modern-day keepers of traditional craft techniques, the series uncovers and celebrates some great Irish design successes: from award-winning architecture to in-demand Irish craft; from best-selling “smart” products to highly-collectible contemporary Irish furniture. From the traditional boat- and basket-maker to the award-winning architect, Designing Ireland is a visual feast that showcases the very best of traditional and contemporary Irish design – and which we hope will inspire the next generation of makers and designers.



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