Irish Design 2015 – Making Design Matter offers a comprehensive examination of the year of Irish design, a major government backed initiative that explored, promoted and celebrated Irish design through events and activities on the island of Ireland and in renowned international capitals of design and commerce.

irish_design_2015_standing_holding_book_1Through a series of essays by key participants in the initiative, spotlight reports on the different projects mounted throughout the year, and group discussions featuring leading Irish and international figures from the sector, Making Design Matter captures the why and the how of the landmark initiative that was Irish Design 2015 (ID2015).

Edited by Professor Alex Milton, ID2015 Programme Director, Karen Hennessy, CEO of ID2015 and DCCoI and Rachel Donnelly, ID2015 Content Editor, the publication takes a broad view of the design sector in Ireland, reflecting on key moments in its past, engaging with its vibrant present, and speculating about its optimistic future.

The publication also presents a comprehensive quantitative analysis of the impact of the year’s activities, alongside statistics representing the economic footprint of the design sector in Ireland. ID2015 was pioneering in its target-focused approach to making design matter, with the result that this is the first ever quantitative analysis of the impact of design activity mounted on this scale.

Irish Design 2015 – Making Design Matter is an invaluable tool and reference for designers, educators, policy-makers and entrepreneurs, acting as an authoritative record of the activities and achievements of, and participants in, a truly significant moment for Irish design.

ISBN 978-1-906691-50-9

The publication is available online from amazon.co.uk, the Institute of Designers in Ireland, the Royal Institute of Architects in Ireland bookshop and the National Craft Gallery in Kilkenny.



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