To mark the designation of Dublin as the World Design Hub 2015 by the International Association of Designers, ID2015 launched the A’Design Award exhibition which I had the pleasure of curating.



We also hosted a one day symposium to coincide with the launch of Platinum, entitled ‘Making Design Matter’. The symposium examined the role of design in policy, communities, education and innovation. Does design matter, and what does that mean? The symposium sought to ask some hard-hitting questions to spark dynamic discussion. What is design and how is it is perceived by governments, industry and wider society? What is the future of design education? Can design deliver on big promises of leading innovation? What does the future look like?

The symposium was structured around a series of panels discussing the themes of Design in Policy, Making Design Matter, Design Education for the 21st Century and Design Led Innovation.

Speakers included myself, John Mathers – CEO Design Council UK, Alessandro Deserti – Professor of Industrial Design Politecnico di Milano and Dalia Sadany – President of International Association of Designers.


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