Fresh Talent, a touring Irish Design 2015 exhibition shines a light on the creative new wave of designers emerging since 2011 who work within and across disciplines.

Fresh Talent, curated by Angela O’Kelly, includes a mix of award winning graduate projects from Ireland’s major universities and from Irish students abroad, combined with the latest work from a selection of designers and practitioners who are at the early stages of establishing their businesses. Reflecting the breadth of the ID2015 initiative, the exhibition draws from a range of fields, incorporating a selection of design disciplines including craft, architecture, set design, visual communication, product design, fashion and design engineering.

The designers and practitioners included in Fresh Talent are:

Design Goat
Darragh Casey
Orla Reynolds
Kate O’Kelly
Kevin Callaghan
Julie Connellan
Sinead Kennedy
Cait Corkery
Craig Higgins
James King
Edwyn Hickey
Ronan Kelly
Arturo Boreggo
Ashleigh Smith
Richard Malone
Rory Simms
Billy MacDonald
Rebecca Marsden
Vincent Lam


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