An exciting collection of nine new souvenirs challenging the perceived notions of Ireland, champioing contemporary Irish design and supporting local production was unveiled during London Design Festival 2015.

01_Rainbow_Plate_Nicholas_Mosse_and_Jonny_Kelly_The_Souvenir_Project_03_StandingA_Product zoom

02_The_Honey_Pot_Stephen_Pearce_and_Coolmore_Honey_The_Souvenir_Project_Packaging_A_Product zoom

03_Naming_Rain_J_Hills_Standard_Studio_AAD_Vases_Cut_details_01A_Product zoom

09_The_Sally_The_Tweed_Project_03A_Product zoom

06_Lumper_MakersBrothers_The_Souvenir_Project_Bronze_Potato_03A_Product zoom

07_ibi_Designed_by_Cathal_OConnor_and_Peter_Sheehan_Group_04A_Product zoom

08_Measc_Muddle_WorkGroup_and_Shane_Holland_Measc_Muddle_03A_Product zoom


The Souvenir Project, which I commissioned on behalf of Irish Design 2015 (ID2015), was curated by Jonathan Legge, Makers & Brothers. The project looks to questions what an Irish souvenir might be, presenting a collection of contemporary objects with meaning and depth that carefully explore the local context whilst advocating creative collaborations between Irish designers and makers.

The project features exciting new work and exclusive collaborations between over 20 Irish makers and designers across a broad range disciplines. Playful, useful or simply curious, the resulting objects engage on many levels and reflect Ireland’s rich, dynamic and imaginative cultural landscape.

The ambition of the project is to showcase the extraordinary creative talent and quality of materials and making within Ireland. Souvenirs are a symbolic reminder of experience, location and culture, and this collection of authentic Irish products, designed and made in Ireland, provides visitors a means of taking home the very best of Irish design.

For further information visit:


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