Liminal – Irish design at the threshold features a range of Irish designers, companies and studios involved in collaborations across disciplines, and presents them for the first time in Milan. This is the flagship show from Irish Design 2015 (ID2015), a year long initiative backed by the Irish government promoting and celebrating Irish design in Ireland and internationally.

As Irish Design 2015 Programme Director and the co-curator of Liminal, I was delighted to witness the tremendous reception the exhibition received at Milan Design Week.

You can download the Milan exhibition publication here: Liminal – Irish design at the threshold – Milan

Presenting a pivotal chapter in Irish design, Liminal explores, identifies and showcases Irish creativity, and how designers, companies and studios are moving across the disciplinary boundaries and limits of what design was, into what design can become.

Liminal_Irish design at the threshold_ID2015_PRLiminal_Irish design at the threshold_Inaugural exhibition at Fuori Salone_ID2015_PR-2

As design increasingly seeks to create holistic experiences and narratives, Ireland is placed to play a significant role in 21st century design, helping meet the challenges of tomorrow. Liminal provides a timely platform for creative change on the island of Ireland.

Design Partners with Seed Labs_Silvair_Liminal_Irish design at the threshold_ID2015_PR

Taking the theme of liminality, which refers to spaces that lie between the known and the unknown, this exhibition explores the craft of collaboration and presents the exploratory journeys undertaken by designers. Moving through a series of design venues, starting in Milan, and followed by New York, Dublin and Eindhoven, the exhibition demonstrates Irish design excellence across disciplines and considers the possibilities for the future.

Inaugural ID2015 exhibiton at Fuori Salone_Liminal_Irish Design at the threshold_ID2015_PR


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