Alex Milton with Jaguar Portrait medium

It’s coming up to 20 years since I graduated from Coventry University with a BA (Hons) in Industrial Design Transport, and this years planned reunion will be a great opportunity to catch up with friends.

My passion for four wheels lives on with the current project – the ongoing restoration of my vintage Jaguar – and it’s been fun reminiscing about old automotive design projects like this dusty creation…


Issey – Fabric Skinned Coupe
Postmodern pressures have seen the barriers between design disciplines eroding. Into this cultural maelstrom comes a concept which offers an aesthetic adaptability, enabling the style conscious consumer to own a car which can be stylistically altered and respond to the ubiquitous claim that all cars look the same. This would be achieved through licensing tie-ups with leading fashion houses.

The concept has a skeletal spaceframe chassis over which the removable textile, metal and polymer panels could be draped and attached. The concept proposes that cars are no longer mere forms of transport, with form no longer following function, but rather the form itself becoming its function.

“anything can be clothing” Issey Miyake

“brilliant – but do you drive it or wear it?” Carweek


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